Old mags

ZZap! 64Back in the day, we couldn’t just jump online to find out what was happening in the geek world. No, we had to go down to the newsagent and buy a magazine.

Along with emulators for many old platforms, increasing numbers of old mags from the 80s and 90s are now available online.

Commodore: Australian Commodore and Amiga Review (via Dan). ZZap! 64. Lots more at the Amiga Magazine Rack

But the ultimate in technical mags for Commodore machines would have to have been The Transactor.

Acorn: The Micro User, Acorn User

Sinclair: Crash

There’s plenty more out there (including some sites that just index the old magazines, rather than provide actual scans). Well worth an explore to nostalgically relive your favourite computer platform.