Reviews that aren’t

You know what I really hate?

Googling for “product X review” and finding bazillions of web sites that purport to be reviews of product X, but which in fact are just shopping web sites which have manufacturer’s information, or possibly a “story” written word-for-word from a press release, and nothing else.

Oh sure, some of them might have space for a product review, if some hapless customer wants to donate their time and effort into writing one. But if it’s [obscure shopping site] then why would anybody bother?

And some might have comparative price listings from various retail and online shops. With reviews… of the shops.

No wonder I end up looking on (where there’s enough customers who actually care about writing reviews to make it worthwhile) or, but both being US-based means they don’t cover some models available in other countries.

Can we get Google to somehow sort the wheat from the chaff here? Or will some non-US sites rise from the rest and get a critical mass of reviewers?

Oh, and can anybody tell me if the Epson C59 printer offered today on Zazz is a cheap and cheerful (if ugly) bargain, or a foul demon waste of my hard-earned $50?

2 thoughts on “Reviews that aren’t

  1. Randall Swain

    All I can do is concur… I have been looking for a number of things recently – as an example, a clock which projects on the wall (after a similar product on Zazz…). I have been looking at the Oregon Scientific but find it hard to actually find a review which is NOT american. Not that I don’t trust americans, but I want to know what an Aussie thinks – because I do trust Aussies…. LOL.


    And no idea about the Epson sorry – but too late anyway…

  2. Philip

    An ink jet printer is never a bargain unless it’s cheaper than a more conventional door stop.

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