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Nokia is recalling 46 million batteries, type BL-5C made in Japan by Matsushita. It affects a wide range of products (my 6230i uses that type of battery, but not the exact one being recalled) and apparently there have been around 100 cases of the batteries catching fire.

Microsoft’s cutting of XBox360 pricing around the world continues in Australia, with the XBox360 Pro now retailing for A$579.95, and the XBox360 Core at A$399.95 — the same price as the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo said they won’t drop their price; they’re selling plenty as-is. But it makes you wonder if Sony will drop the PS3 from its dizzying A$999 price.

Ars Technica notes that their beautiful iPhones are billed by AT+T with dizzying amounts of detail: even when covered by an unlimited data plan, every single connection gets its own detail line in the bill, resulting in one bill with 104 pages of usage listings.

Microsoft must be getting a little concerned: Google have added Sun StarOffice to the Google Pack.

Just for a laugh… The future is digital…

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  1. Noel Goddard

    *My* 6230i *also* uses a BL-5C battery and it’s original one *is* one of the ones being
    recalled! I’m currently waiting for my replacement and instructions on disposing of or
    returning the sus one. In the meantime my Samsung SGH-A501 – the interim replacement for
    my old business Qualcomm CDMA phone – is getting a lot of use.

    Strangely enough, although all the reports that I’ve seen about these recall batteries
    say they were manufactured in Japan, the one I have is clearly marked “MADE IN CHINA”.

    It seems odd to me that Matsushita would take the “blame” for the stuff up when the actual
    problem may have occurred in an “outsourced” factory.

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