Influential games

Henry Lowood curator at the Stanford University History of Science and Technology collections has named the 10 most important video games of all time: Spacewar, Star Raiders, Zork, Tetris, Sim City, Super Mario Bros 3, Civilization, Doom, Warcraft and Sensible World Of Soccer. And I can understand why he’s gone for the most influential, rather than the most popular.

Pacman didn’t make the grade, but the new Pacman Championship edition for XBox 360 has just come out (available via XBox Live). And it appears to be a re-design (not just a graphical revamp) that attempts to bring new gameplay in, while not trying to break the fundamentals of the game (like the 80s and 90s Pacman sequel games did, trying to make the field 3D, or turning it into a platform game). Pictures. Review from Joystiq.