eBay ratings

The problem I have with eBay feedback is the positive ones are usually so over the top. “A1++++++++++++++ great ebayer!!!!!” is really too much when usually it just means the person in question sent the parcel/money on time, and answered emails. I prefer to put a little more actual information in the feedback I leave.

1 thought on “eBay ratings

  1. Simone

    I find that you need to read between the lines in feedback, see what’s not said. People are too polite to say, well I like the item but you took 4 weeks to post it and charged me too much for postage. Or your item is crap, but you were really good at emailing me. At least the new form of feedback with the stars may be a little more informative than the general nothing comments posted by a lot of ebay users.

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