Byebye MSN t-shirt

MSN t-shirtToday one of my longest-lasting geek t-shirt goes to meet its maker. It was an MSN beta tester shirt, sent to me in 1995 just after the Windows 95 release. It now has too many holes in it to be of use anymore.

Back then, of course, MSN was not a web site. It was the anti-Internet, a closed proprietary network using a bunch of jumbled technologies (some, like MediaView, were really really ugly) that I somehow got involved in testing… In retrospect, it was always doomed to failure given the rise of the Web, though I admit, I didn’t really appreciate that at the time. I blogged about it here, some time back.

So, hasta la vista, MSN t-shirt.

3 thoughts on “Byebye MSN t-shirt

  1. Chris Till

    Ah yes, the good old days when I was known as USS_Enterprise. To this day I am still fuming at the lengths Microsoft went to at trying to stop Super Chat – the replacement chat client I wrote that featured everything from user icons to private messaging (the default msn client did nothing more than send/receive messages to all plus allow hosts (moderators) to enable/disable people from talking). Ironically a few weeks back I discovered the German version of Microsoft’s knowledgebase still has an article describing how to remove Super Chat from your system 🙁

    My msn shirt died years ago, I used it a lot in pools and the chlorine made it eventually tear… damn nice shirt until then actually, must’ve been the slightly baggy size…

  2. mgm

    Still got mine, with only one small hole so far. I am only allowed to wear it around the house these days.

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