RSS vs old-fashioned browsers

I got interested in checking out the number of subscribers to my feeds, since Google Reader is now revealing it in the user-agent.

Here are the figures from my personal blog. /feed/ 26 /feed/atom/ 2 /feed/atom/ 8 /feed/ 21 /feed/rss2/ 1 /feed/ 1 /feed/ 2 /feed/atom/ 1 /feed/rss2/ 1 /feed/rdf 1 /feed/ 1

Bloglines is reporting as two separate readers for /feed/ – perhaps different versions?

So 65 subscribers from those aggregator services that report on numbers.

Whereas the home page is getting around 240 hits per day, many from individuals, but also a lot from search engine bots. (No I haven’t got the energy to work it out precisely.)

So it would appear that despite the growing popularity of aggregators, many people continue to just hit the web pages manually.

These figures are much lower than for many, but it reflects a similar result to what Ed Bott found in his stats.

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