When you run a tech company…

When you run a tech company, say a PC manufacturer, don’t you think you’d be watching out for well-known journos and bloggers and making sure they got exemplary service? Ed Bott rips into Shuttle, whose support for the PC he got was a complete shambles. I reckon if I were running such a company, even if I was evil enough to give everyday plebs crap service, I’d make sure names like his were on the priority list, to avoid my name becoming mud.

But I guess that just underscores how disorganised they are.

2 thoughts on “When you run a tech company…

  1. David Mackie

    Hmmmm I would hope that service is service and until two minutes ago Ed Bott was a nameless nobody to me as well so not sure that he would have gotten onto a VIP list if we had one either. We treat all customers as part of our family so I guess that is why I find this kind of comentary surprising.

  2. daniel Post author

    I’m not for a moment excusing bad service — to anybody. And I’m glad to hear many companies treat everybody the same.

    In the end, treating your customers (no matter who they are) with contempt via bad service is stupid. I’m just saying it’s doubly-stupid to be doing it even to VIPs.

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