Games, games, games!

Version 1.0 (eg the non-beta) of Microsoft’s XNA is out (note, it’s another new MS release that is not supported on Vista) — Ars Technica has an interesting article about it, which ponders the homebrew development it might spawn. No, I don’t really want to do Quest for Windows, though I fully intend to give it a try, if I find the time to learn a little C#.

I like this idea: a handheld Linux-based game machine called the GP2X. It plays media, runs MAME, SNES, Megadrive etc emulation and includes an SDK that makes it sound ripe for development of new games. They’re looking for distributors.

Got a spare Xbox controller? Grab a USB adapter off ebay (search for XBox USB, or build it yourself), grab the drivers and use it on your PC. (Doesn’t mean it’ll be any good for Joust on MAME though, with its frenetic flapping).

Oh, for Lego Mindstorms people (and those hoping to design robots to take over the world), Microsoft has released its first Robotics software, compatible with a number of different vendors’ hardware.

Take today’s kids and sit them down in front of some of the classic games of yesteryear. Note their reactions.
First article / Followup article. Obviously it’s just the funny bits, but MY kids don’t react like that. They’ve both got a healthy interest in old games. (Gee, wonder where they got that from.)