The context for geek stuff

One of the things that makes blogs such as Scoble’s so readable is that he gives his observations some non-geek context. For example when he highlights the generational change in technology, it’s not just 8-bit vs 32/64-bit, it’s also how it’s affected culture. Things like buying music: the kids aren’t queueing up to buy records anymore, they’re just buying off iTunes.

This kind of observation gives his geek reports some context in the real world, so although it mostly interests techheads, we can see how it’s relevant to non-techheads. The Zune music player from Microsoft might get bought by die-hard Apple-haters, but the mass market is going to want to follow the pack, who are almost all wearing white earphones.

Unless we’re specifically writing some arcane UberGeek technical article, it’s probably a good idea to remember to how it all relates to the real world.

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    This Matt Jubelirer’s interview from Robert Scoble is a must see for sure. We watched it carefully and highlighted with snapshots some of the Matt’s answers.

    You can check this on our site here.


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