Israeli Brokerage Services spam

I’m glad I’m not the only one getting endless offers of jobs from Israeli Brokerage Services Limited.

Spam from Israeli Brokerage Services

Apart from anything else I find it puzzling that they think their scam will work better if they bombard email address many dozens of times every day. Like getting ten of the same offer isn’t going to make me suspicious?

Update 10-Nov-2006: Information on this scam at the Western Australian government ScamNet.

13 thoughts on “Israeli Brokerage Services spam

  1. Norm

    Most of us know that these emails are scam but what if we somehow made their life miserable.

    Right now they are probably getting response from one in 5000
    emails, what if they got 3000 response from every 5000 they send
    but these responses were false positive. We agree to play their games but we make all kind of excuses we ask all kinds of questions. By the time they figure out who is for real they would spend an awfull amount of time exchanging e-mails with people just playing with them. Maybe this would drive them out of business.

  2. trisha

    i got the mail to excited cos iv bin looking for a job i gave them my details but havent
    done any transactions for them yet theyv already sent the money to my account i really
    dont know what to do help

  3. Karan

    Hello trisha,

    Did u really received the money from those israeli brokerage. Even igot their

  4. usama

    i am also looking for job and i get their mail and they get all my information and send the money into my account after that my bank freeae my account and aksing me to tell them from where that money actually come and i dont know what to tell them i am really scared what to do and who will help me out from this situation and i dont know they r doing frad or what so i reply on their email but thier email looks close and i recived faliure dilivery message from them so what to do ?

  5. daniel Post author

    People stop believing it’s a legitimate job opportunity. It’s a SCAM. Potentially you’ll end up involved in MONEY LAUNDERING, which is illegal, and you may find yourself in big trouble.

  6. usama

    if i know that they r frad i never contect with them but i am thinking about my job only this make me in trouble and now i want to get rid of that i dont nead money from wrong way i nead it but from the honest way after doing job like that so now i am in tension becoz of this i feal pain and fever now that how to get rid of that . and waiting for some one who help me to get rid of that .

  7. usama

    i never belive on them and now dont nead to be invovle again i have to becarefull next time but question is that now how i came out from them what to do to get rid from them and the situation how will help me

  8. usama

    can anyone make me out from this trouble i want to get rid from them and from trouble now how i came out from that trouble? and who can help me out ?

  9. SmartFellow

    Hi there,
    Usama / Karan / Trisha / Alex Mulchinock.
    As daniel says this is a combination of SCAM & Money Laundering, by now you notice that.
    They use you like a money Mule, but if I was in your shoes, I’ll contact my bank and i tell them the truth.
    You just was looking for a chance to get money in a legal way, Thats not illegal.
    I undestand that meabe you will be punished, but i you dont do that it could be worst.
    Don’t you believe that ?
    Take a look to follow sites, meabe it help you !!

    For sure in UK you will find a similar agency.

  10. Sonbe

    Thanks guys for all your contribution.Got the same mail though i hadnt subscribed to it.Since the Stock Market index in Nairobi was gaining almost 200-300 points in 2 weeks i thought i should give it a i was doing research on the company’s background i came across this site.You’ve realy put me on the look out.guess i’ll instruct my bank not to receive any money from such a sender.Thank you all again.

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