Foxtel Scifi channel

Foxtel Australia to launch a sci-fi channel on December 1st. It’ll be interesting to see if they confine themselves to parent company (CBS Paramount, NBC Universal, Sony) shows, or if they look wider.

And will it be enough to convince more people to get cable TV? The sci-fi channel will be part of the My Escape package, meaning a minimum total monthly cost of A$51.90 if you want to see it.

(Me? I don’t watch much TV anyway. Somehow I suspect another X dozen channels aren’t going to change that…)

2 thoughts on “Foxtel Scifi channel

  1. josh

    Well, that link doesn’t work any more. And searching their site reveals no stories on Foxtel’s new channel.

    As an aside: $50!?!? I could hire ten sci-fi DVDs and still not have time to watch them for that kind of money.

  2. daniel Post author

    Try for a placeholder page… and here for a TV guide (evidently still being developed, judging from the errors you get when selecting a non-date in the dropdown.

    Remember the $50 would get you many dozens of channels, not just Scifi.

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