Now this is handy: Geekbench, a cross-platform (Mac OS-X, Windows and Linux, that is) benchmark system. It’s written in platform-neutral C++.

My aging cobbled-together PC (1.7 Ghz Celeron) returns an overall score of 73.6.

My newish cheap but cheerful PC (3 GHz P4) returns an overall score of: 137.4

Windows 2000 within Virtual PC on the above: 103.5 (I note it was only configured for 128Mb of “RAM”, even though Geekbench claims to need 256Mb.)

In all cases I shut down other applications, but obviously the figures would be subject to whatever background services were grabbing CPU time.

4 thoughts on “Geekbench

  1. glen

    My laptop (IBM T42 1.79GHz Intel) gets 108.5

    Here’s something really weird. Windows XP running in VMWare got 29341.3!

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