7 thoughts on “Barcode collectors

  1. daniel

    93 is the usual UPC code for an Australian company.

    Can you get a proper print of it and take it to a Target/BigW/Kmart barcode checker machine?

  2. glen

    There are a couple of barcode databases I know about.

    Barcodepedia, which finds that it’s iceberg lettuce.


    UPC Database, which finds that it was manufactured by Woolworths/Safeway, but doesn’t have the actual item in it’s database.

    I have no idea why anyone would want to collect barcodes. It makes no sense at all to me!

  3. josh Post author

    Because I can’t figure out why anyone would want to collect barcodes. I can’t figure out the use of it. Except, perhaps, for a retail store that wants to sell stuff but can’t be bothered entering it in themselves. Or one of those auto-inventory fridges.

    If you’re asking about the barcode, I was hoping someone would point to the place I’d discovered (Barcodepedia), and entered the iceberg lettuce. Next week: bread (perhaps).

  4. josh Post author

    I’ve found a use, but failed to use it this way: provision of proof-of-purchase barcode. I wanted to enter a competition where to prove purchase you need to enter the last six digist – but I couldn’t find the product. Curses!

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