I’m a tech luddite

I’ve come to realise I’ve become something of a tech luddite. Once upon a time I was an early adopter. Not any more.

I am only just now updating my computer monitors to LCD. (Samsung 19 inch 940N, very nice, very cheap.)

I didn’t start using Visual Studio.Net properly until it had matured to VS 2005.

I didn’t touch Windows XP at all until SP2 was well-established, and basic PC specs had caught up with its demanding requirements. And I’ve only just put it on my secondary PC.

Vista? Pah, unless I see something DAMN COMPELLING, I won’t be going there until at least 2009 I reckon. When the average PC has at least double the grunt specified on the box.

I refuse to get a wireless keyboard/mouse. I can’t see the cost benefit. Besides, given how messy my desks are, I’d inevitably lose them.

I’m getting my first camera phone shortly, having waited until the resolution and the price were up/down to a reasonable level. And it’s not 3G, but 2G. A tried and trusted Nokia.

And I’m not planning on upgrading my 4:3 CRT television any time soon. (As one recent review commented, they’re actually great value if you’re buying a TV.)

(I’m sure I’ll thing of more examples shortly. Like my stove/oven, made circa 1930.)

7 thoughts on “I’m a tech luddite

  1. glen

    At least you don’t have a Nokia 5110 like Josh!

    I think the issue becomes one of cashflow. Once you get a mortgage and kids, you suddenly have to decide whether you really need that new TV/PC/Phone as opposed to putting that little bit extra against the mortgage.

  2. josh

    Hey – that 5110 has gotten me work, high paying work. I use it to illustrate that I’m not fixated on new==good.

    Yes, I’m an extreme luddite – or perhaps I’ve been burnt one thousand times too many. I recently bought a new widescreen TV, but just a small one. 76cm.

    It’s a CRT. The new technology bites arse in the longevity stakes. I’ve been told that you can have your LCD/plasma TV replaced if 10% of the pixels are dead. For $2,000-$10,000 a throw, the manufacturers can have a punch in the nose if 0.0001% of the pixels are dead as far as I’m concerned.

    50 kilos. That’s 100 pounds. No thief is stealing this puppy. And I didn’t even get the good one, with VGA imput. Oh well, next time. If you can still get them next time, coz this sucker’s going to last at least ten years.

  3. Peter

    You’re bleeding edge compared to me!

    >I am only just now updating my computer monitors to LCD. (Samsung 19 inch 940N, very nice, >very cheap.)

    I’ve thought about it but not gone ahead. Maybe when they’re
    under $200.

    >I’m getting my first camera phone shortly

    The Nokia 3210 does me fine.

    >And I’m not planning on upgrading my 4:3 CRT television any time

    Just replaced the dodgy antenna socket on my nature strip
    special, so that will keep mine going for a while. Although A/V
    inputs would be nice.

    I could afford better stuff but there’s no compelling reason
    to buy. Especially if the pace of technology advance is slowing
    (the biggest TV advance was colour 30 years ago).

  4. ned lud

    ‘trailing edge’ is the term.

    a bug free, affordable, reliable technological world.

  5. Andrew

    Wireless mouse and keyboard look great. No dragging of mouse wire. More space on the desk. But are they reliable? We are on a second set and the second one is equally cantankerous as the first was.

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