Paper popup ads

Since the Fairfax dudes (The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Financial Review, etc) have probably noticed how their web sites’ popup ads don’t appear anymore because almost everybody’s got a popup blocker via Firefox, XP SP2 or the Google toolbar, would you believe they’ve started putting popup ads as stickers onto their newspapers.

Here’s one from last week, with an advert for Microsoft Office:

The Age - sticky paper popup ad for Microsoft Office

(They’re a bit like a Post-It note; they peel off quite easily.)

3 thoughts on “Paper popup ads

  1. josh

    What’s the logic here? Cover up our own ads with… more ads?

    Mind you, I saw one that said something along the lines of “don’t buy this in a newsagent! Save yourself the bother, and subscribe for only 12 cents!”

    Perhaps it’s targetted, somehow.

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