OmniNerd – Articles: Beating Traffic

Brandon U. Hansen tries to figure out if he can get to work faster – beating traffic.

The world is full of traffic and people who hate it. This article analyzes a year of data to determine if minor tweaks to departure times can significantly impact commute length – or if it is all out of the driver’s control.

Well, duh. Of course it does. But who’s going to go to work at 11:00 and return home at 19:00?

Anyways, looking at his opening figures is weird, because he says that driving to work soaks up 100 hours a year, and involves 15,000 miles – which implies an average velocity of 150mph. Even if he forgot the trip home, you’re looking at 75mph (120kph), which is unlikely unless your cousin is a cop or you live right on top of an Autobahn. Perhaps they’re driving to work in a rocket tractor – which I always thought was one of these, with one of these attached – but it seems most of the net thinks they’re one of these, and that would never work!