Not quite unlimited

Customer vs Netspace in VCAT, after Netspace moved customers on “unlimited” plans to “Fair Go” (eg. not quite unlimited) plans. The customer won, though Netspace claims the case isn’t proven, because they failed to appear due to a mixup.

I’m a Netspace customer. I’ve found them to be pretty good, but I know of a few who disagree. What’s going to be more interesting is if this has ongoing effects for ISPs who change their ToS after customers signup.

2 thoughts on “Not quite unlimited

  1. josh

    I find the whole “unlimited” concept fascinating. How can you have a link capable of (say) 512Kbs, and then claim that it’s unlimited? Surely 512/8*60*60*24*31/1024/1024 ~= 163Gb a month. Which is a limit.

    I want someone to take an unlimited plan to court when they couldn’t download the entire internet into their computer in a second. That’s unlimited.

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