To succeed, movies must be short and suck arse

Edward Jay Epstein explains that The thirsty moviegoer fuels the movie business.

There’s an economic imperiative to make the salty popcorn, and movies short with action which avoids gripping plotlines – and it’s driven by the theatre’s concession stand. Coke calls the shots in the film industry.

This explains it all. It’s not about the razors, it’s about the blades.

4 thoughts on “To succeed, movies must be short and suck arse

  1. josh Post author

    Simple: the industry determined King Kong wasn’t a success. Not enough people saw it, so not enough softdrink was sold.

  2. glen

    No, I meant how did anyone decide it was a good idea to make it?? It wasn’t short, but it did suck. They must have figured that 50% of the criteria above was acceptable.

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