The summer time blues

So, here we are, still in summer time in AU, in the week’s extension. Of my two machines at home, the XP one was patched, and is okay. The Win2K one wasn’t, and moved by an hour yesterday. Despite wider media awareness of the issue last week, I’d expect a lot of systems with automatic switching to be effected. As ever, it’ll be those that get switched manually (eg most household appliances) that have no problems.

PS. 10:30am. Amongst the high-profile clocks that are inaccurate today is Melbourne’s famous Nylex sign.

PS. Wednesday 8pm. Due to lots of hits via Google, there’s some more discussion of this topic here.

4 thoughts on “The summer time blues

  1. glen

    I called FexEx today at 08:30 and was told that their call center was closed. I was then told that opening hours were 08:00 to 17:30.

  2. Philip

    The TV stations appear to have gone back to EST now. Our set-top-box put its clock back an hour overnight on Saturday-Sunday and is still showing the wrong time. I assume I can’t program any recordings for the next 5 days or so, because they’ll be an hour off.

    This suggests that the time signal in the transmission is set in Sydney. What happens if I live in Perth? Is it always two hours out?

  3. Martin

    Well I think a manual switch is he best option. Just a right click option on the clock to turn daylight saving on/off would not only save microfsoft a lot of research time looking after very country around the world, but would be (lots) easier for most users when they do need to adjust things and not much trouble otherwise.

    In fact surely just an option to modify the daylight savings start and end dates for a particular year would be easier than trying to find and then install a patch. Still think just manually turning it on/off is still the simplest. I really think this is a case of some developers trying to be too clever.

  4. Mark

    Gotta love Unix/Linux. They’ve been getting it right for years. Amazing what you can do with a simple database…

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