AU govt pulls down satire site

Richard Neville says his spoof web site has been shut down on the orders of the government, with Melbourne IT and Yahoo Hosting cowering to the demand.

Unfortunately it’s not in the Google or caches, but you can see it in a PDF. But on the face of it, it doesn’t sound like there was justification for shutting it down.

Update Monday 7am. Peter has found a comment from a John Dalton on Margo Kingston’s site showing a way of viewing the site — it’s only Melbourne IT that cowered; Yahoo still has it up, but you can’t see it without doing hacky things to your DNS. John suggested changing your proxies, which makes every other site not work. A better way is editing your Hosts file. On Windows, this is in somewhere like c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Add a line:

And you’re set.

2 thoughts on “AU govt pulls down satire site

  1. eddie

    shut down i am scared of people with no sense of
    humour. i am scared of nazis. freedom of speech ??? herr howard go fuck
    yourself. no one else will.

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