Does blogging pay?

Charles Wright has made a momentous decision. No, he’s not going to stop writing in plural. He’s closing the Razor blog on The Age/SMH, and asking for subscribers to Bleeding Edge. Some people are taking him up on it. (At least, he’s abandoning Razor. No hint there of him moving on, which seems pretty silly.)

Funnily, Darren Rowse at Problogger has considered this, and from the way he writes about it, has got mixed up by Charles’ writing in plural, and thinks it’s a whole team of people. (“…forms of writing that they could earn money from.“) Some very interesting points made though.

Meanwhile Scoble ponders how to make money off RSS (and blogging in general).

1 thought on “Does blogging pay?

  1. Orikinla Osinachi

    Since I joined the blogosphere 14 months ago and I have visited over 14,000 blogs fromthe unknown blogs begging for attention to the celebrated blogs bluffing spammers, I have noticed that what actually pays is not blogging, but popularity of the blogggers and the posts could be rubbish.

    What makes a blog popular is the popularity of the blogger and popularity attracts adverts and you can make money from adverts.

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