Missed anniversary

It’s probably the type of anniversary that can be most easily missed without dire consequences, but I just realised that as of the 1st of this month, Geekrant.org was a year old. Thanks to my co-conspirators and (some only occasional, alas) contributors Tony, Josh, Andy and Brian.

Traffic has continued to climb, so obviously somebody’s reading, even if it does seem to be mostly a handful of regulars who keep commenting.

And if you’re wondering, the biggest hitting entry is the one with those pictures of Bill Gates.

3 thoughts on “Missed anniversary

  1. dobbs

    Belated anniversary wishes! I am not a tech-savvy person myself, but I enjoy reading your blogposts and find them very informative and up-to-date. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. andy


    I should be ashamed – I’ve been very very lacking over here recently, and GR gave me my first break at collaborative blogging.

    Can I come back? 🙂

    LOL The site still remembers me, anyway, it says I’m logged in… wow, that’s some cookie 🙂

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