No, There Is Another…

By now everyone on the planet should be using Firefox in place of Internet Explorere but if you’re too cool even for Firefox then it’s good news, Opera has just announced they are making their browser free.

Try ‘the third browser’ now – Opera Web Browser Free Download

3 thoughts on “No, There Is Another…

  1. Martin

    I’ve always used the free version of Opera, it came with some reasonably unobtrusive adds. Perhaps now it doesn’t have these adds any more.
    There are some criticisms made by a prominent Opera manager or director of firefox, and much stronger criticisms of MS and EXplorer that make interesting reading. If I find the URL I will add it here (for however many/few reader geekrant has).
    As for comparing the two. Only someone who regularly switches between the latest version of the two can make a reaonable comparison. And not very many people would invest the time to do that. My own conclusion from reading reviews is that there is not sufficient difference to warrent switching either way.
    The one thing that opera has in it’s favour for me (based on reviews) is that it requires less or no manual intallation of plug ins for what most users would want. This cuts both ways in that Firefox has a much greater wealth of plug ins.

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