Scoble vs Register

Reg: IE7 beta 1 breaks third-party toolbars!

Scoble: Only old versions of toolbars. It doesn’t break new ones.

Reg: Yes it does!

Scoble: No it doesn’t!

Reg: Yes it does!

Scoble: No it doesn’t!

Reg: Yes it does, you said it does!

And they quote an email from Scoble that is without any context, and thus proves nothing, unless you assume that the content of the email is directly in reply to the subject line. And now Scoble claims the mail isn’t real.

(Oh yeah, the recipient of the email gave the Reg permission to publish it. That’s nice. Shame the recipient doesn’t own the copyright; Scoble does. Well, if it’s real.)

Orlowski at the Reg then speculates that this somehow means the end of Scoble’s Microsoft blogging career. Talk about drawing a long bow.

Guys, IE7 is a beta. The first beta. You can expect this kind of stuff in a beta, and provided MS have pledged to fix the issues, it doesn’t matter one jot. I’d be more concerned so little progress has been made on standards-conformance, and why they put out a beta before doing more on this.

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