What I Want

After watching Sin City the other day I decided I didn’t want to wait.

What I want is a directors commentary that I can take to the cinema with me. I’d download it, throw it on the pod and listen to it in the cinema. I’m sure it would be great for repeat business; go once to watch the film, then again to listen to the commentary. It would be spoken word, you could play it soft and no one would hear it.

Maybe Cameron‘s The Podcast Network could try and flex their muscles?

2 thoughts on “What I Want

  1. Titel

    One thing I don’t like about going to the cinema is the noise from other people. Unfortunately, they are not yet educated to turn off their cell phones or even not to talk on them during the movie; popcorn and snacks still come in plastic bags instead of open paper/plastic cups; and crying babies are a common presence in cinemas especially during holidays. This really ruins the Dolby Surround sound (if it exists) in the cinema and the pleasure of being absorbed in the action. Cinemas could easily install low-power stereo FM transmitters, so anyone in the audience could tune in with portable radios and isolate themselves from the surrounding noise. A second frequency for the soundtrack with director’s commentary would be a simple addition, then; just adjust the radio to whichever audio channel you’d like to hear. Unfortunately, if there isn’t enough demand for such features and a clear financial gain from them, no cinema owner will go ahead with the investment. Having the commentary on a pod could work out faster, if it is made available somehow…

  2. Ren

    They’ll have this one day, I’m sure! Like those walking tours when you go to touristy places and they hand you a set of headphones. They can do this. I am SURE they can do this. And it would be so damn cool.

    Until then, go to the Sun or the Astor where it’s quiet, comfy and there are no turns with mobile phones or children being taken into inappropriate films.

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