YahooGroups getting paranoid

I use YahooGroups a fair bit. Is it my imagination, or is YG asking for way too much authentication of my logon? Increasingly it seems to show me the old logon screen (logon name/password) even though I keep turning on the option to remember me (and yes, my cookies are enabled).

Old-style Yahoo sign-in

…then straight after that it will ask me again, with a captcha displayed as well.

New-style Yahoo sign-in

In fact, trying to edit my account password today, I got the old, the new, then I changed my password (which involved re-entering the original password and the new one twice), then got the old and new sign-in screens again. Too much!

2 thoughts on “YahooGroups getting paranoid

  1. tony

    I’m wondering if the password remembering is an issue with Firefox. Ebay never remembers my password and my webmail will randomly log me out.

  2. daniel Post author

    hmm dunno, I’ve *always* had that problem with eBay. Yahoo has been fine until recently.

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