ADSL breaks even

Well, iPrimus are selling 200Mb/mo ADSL for $13/mo, so that was cheap enough to drag me in. But it’s been weeks and the ADSL modem still hasn’t turned up. Should I buy my own and tell them to sod off? It’s meant to be ADSL2 capable…

Now all I need is a bulletproof OS that can hook up to the net at 256Mb/s without turning into a zombie. I’m thinking that Multimedia PC I’m building has to be turned on all the time, so perhaps to hang the modem off it and have it act as a secondary firewall and NAT. Yet another reason to use Fedora.

Fedora Core 4 is out now – do you think I should go there?

6 thoughts on “ADSL breaks even

  1. daniel

    Depends what they’re sending you. If it’s USB you shouldn’t have even ordered it. Does it have a router/firewall built-in?

  2. josh Post author

    The modem: Netcomm NB5 (I think) USB+ethernet; builtin firewall. Not sure if it does routing. So, not throwing money away. Good.

    Ubuntu Linux – had bad reports. I’ll stick with what’s worked for those around me, and I’ve used Fedora before.

  3. daniel

    Well, since you’re mentioning referrals, if you go for Netspace, put dbowen as the referer 🙂

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