Newsgator hacked?

I think someone hacked Newsgator’s “latest buzz” feature.

Newsgator latest buzz showing links to Poker web sites

2 thoughts on “Newsgator hacked?

  1. andy

    How does the ‘latest buzz’ system work? Could it be a myriad of ‘fake’ blog posts about our beloved poker? Just a first guess, I’ve not used Newsgator for a while. Looks bad, though.

  2. daniel Post author

    Newsgator’s brief description of Latest Buzz: The Latest Buzz box provides links to the most talked-about articles tracked by NewsGator. The top 5 most linked articles are listed as links to provide you with easy, “one-click” access to today’s hottest articles.

    I assume fake blog posts got it. Maybe that’s what the spammers are moving into now that more blogs are putting up the barricades against comment spam.

    To be fair on Newsgator, I’ve been using their Web Edition for a few weeks now, and it’s been really good. Today the poker links have disappeared from their Latest Buzz.

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