Dear Mr Gullible

Dear Mr Gullible,

How would you like to renew your domain name at an exhorbitant rate with us?

Borderline Fraud Department,
Domain Registry of America

Domain Registry of America offer

5 thoughts on “Dear Mr Gullible

  1. tony

    Ha! You think that’s bad – Melbourne IT charge $69.30 for a .com address p/a.

    This does come with a “One Page Website …free for the first registration period of your domain name”. I don’t know how Melbourne IT can sleep at night thinking they can get away with that, although I guess they don’t try and dupe their customers with dodgy letters.

  2. Malcolm

    While you and I may know that this is just a try-on, when the letter arrives at a company’s account department it looks legit enough that they will most likely pay it without question.

  3. andy

    Actually the sad thing is that is probably only a little over what I pay to renew a domain. I pay UK£20 for two years of renewal, which assures me is about AUD$48. Oh well. I don’t think it’s a bad price to pay, it’s only 2p a day. 🙂

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