2 thoughts on “The aliens have arrived

  1. Andy

    Interesting looking machines. I try not to be too much of an Apple zealot and I do appreciate other manufacturers efforts – however I do hate style over function. What many people fail to realise (either purposely, to wind us (Apple freaks) up, or through lack of knowledge) is that Apple design (amongst sadly few manufacturers in general) really is about function as well as just looking good.

    Take the latest iMac G5 – engineers have gone to great pains to ensure the centre of gravity is precisely placed so that the screen can be effortlessly moved about. And they’ve designed all the contents and switches etc. Sometimes it’s the seemingly little things that really make a machine, and unfortunately you tend to miss those things when on a machine that doesn’t have them. (For example, I now really miss a scroll-wheel on my mouse as I have one at work and home). The great thing with Apple, with some exceptions, is that even when the new hardware comes out, it doesn’t invalidate the design of the older machines. I am still happily using an iBook G3 which isn’t cutting edge any more, like the new notebooks, but it is still crammed full of great design.

    Oh dear, this could’ve been a rant in itself!

  2. Ren

    Allison broke my spirit. I want an iBook. We spent way too much time in an apple shop over the past week. It was not a good thing.

    And I still haven’t got an iPod. Mwuahahaha!

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