My iPod is back, and I decided to get a case for it. ‘Cos what with carrying it about, and the kids playing with it, I figured it could do with some protection, as well as a belt clip.

After looking about at the various products, and with Tony’s recommendation, I looked at the iSkin. They appear to have gone all out to design something that’s both practical and fairly visually appealing (though to be fair, nothing beats the look of the iPod itself — even down to the normally fugly things like the power supply, Apple have created something that is utterly beautiful).

iSkins are not cheap, at least not to those of us trading in the Australian Peso. A little shopping around showed a price of between A$49 and $59. Unfortunately the $49 price was at Streetwise, whom I have had recommended to me, but are not particularly conveniently located, and even if they were, have been closed this past weekend for moving. And I wanted my iSkin straight away. Likewise, Streetwise’s or Apple’s online shop could have sold me the product, but online shopping for physical items doesn’t give you instant gratification.

So I coughed up the $59 at the AppleCentre on Flinders Street. Took the skin back to my iPod, and then wrestled with it for about half an hour, trying to figure out how it opened.

See, in looking at the adverts and catalogues, I’d got it into my head that the iSkin was made of some kind of rigid plastic. It isn’t. It’s flexible, and you’re meant to get the iPod (and the instructions and other items in the packet) in and out by way of the gap for the screen.

When I figured this out, I found the instructions inside telling me so. WhyTF they couldn’t put a hint on the outside of the package, I don’t know. Would have saved me a bit of fiddling about.

Oh well, the iSkin is lovely, though I don’t think much of (and am not using) the “free bonus” click-wheel cover they included. The other downer: it can plug into its USB/firewire connection while in the skin, but it’ll have to come out to fit into the dock.

But hopefully it will keep my iPod safe from the ravages of the world.

5 thoughts on “iSkin

  1. J

    You don’t have to remove it from the case completely. I have a black iSkin and pull just the bottom of the iPod out of the case, bending the rest of it back up, to connect my iPod to my dock. It works like a charm and the iSkin hasn’t been any the worse for wear.

    Of course, you still have to remove the iPod to clean the case. Dammit! =]

    Hope this helps,

  2. daniel Post author

    No. You’re the second person to tell me that, but I can only assume this is a later version of the iSkin. The only opening (flap) at the bottom is the size of the plug – you can’t get anything bigger through that hole. The iPod itself will only come out through the hole for the screen.

  3. Rob

    Highly recommend the iSkin, the only problem I found was that you get a build up of dirt around the edges of the buttons. My early (gen 3) iSkin model doesn’t have this, but Tony’s has the bottom 10% of the whole rubber case flips around on itself to insert the Pod into the dock. It’s a good feature. I updated my Pod protection to iPod Armour (Oz spelling) for use when I’m walking, on the bike, or in the car, then when I get home, remove it from the armour for easy insertion into the dock. I haven’t had to test it, but I think it’s fairly safe in there. I think it looks cool too.

  4. Randall Swain

    I have a 3rd Gen Ipod (with the dock) on a PC in an iSkin.

    Because the USB/Firewire plugs into the base of the dock, I simply pull out that plug and
    plug it into the bottom of the iPod thru the slot in the iSkin.

    Not sure if the new Gen iPod docks are one piece or two piece like mine though…..

  5. ipod_repair

    I know you had broken your ipod earlier, howd that go?

    FYI, the absolute best thing i had found was to buy cheap parts on ebay.

    Then i just used a do it yourself guide to iPod Repair i had bought.

    Hopes it helps

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