Billy Bragg And The MP3 Revolution

At last a performer who understands the new way of the music world.

Billy Bragg has released his latest live recording exclusively as an MP3 download. For AUD$17 you purchase the 150MB zip file direct from the artist. It’s 33 MP3 files, encoded at 190kbs. The killer is that there is no DRM on the files – you can do with them what you want for as long as you want as many times as you want. I’ve got them on my PC, put them on my iPod and burnt a CD for Rae to listen to in her car. I didn’t have to go to the shops nor did I have to wait for a sliver of plastic in the mail.

When is everyone else going to understand this?

2 thoughts on “Billy Bragg And The MP3 Revolution

  1. daniel

    The beauty of it is that though you pay 2/3 of the price of the average new CD, he probably personally gets 10 times the amount he’d make if it were put out on disc by his record company.

  2. daniel

    I just got around to buying this. Oddly, each and every ZIP file wouldn’t open after being downloaded with Firefox. They worked first time with IE. Wierdness…

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