Daniel and Tony chat about Newsgator

D: How do you get Newsgator to import OPML files? The help claims Add Feeds has an import button, but I can’t find it?

T: Go to Newsgator Manager.

Add A Feed

Other Feeds

Just under the tabs you will see URL | Import – try that.

D: ah, there it is. Thanks. That was one major hurdle to switching to Newsgator.

T: Now I want to find how to export OPML.

D: Dammit, I’ve been spoilt by SharpReader’s speed. But I’ll have to put up with this slow response on Newsgator if I want home/work synced.

T: Do what I did, boost your connection speed. 1500 kicks in at midnight Saturday, you can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to Sunday!

D: This is at work. Most sites are very responsive, but this isn’t, at least not right now.

T: How odd. I have noticed at times it can be a bit slow – but I guess it’s depending upon response times from other servers too.

Still the syncing between work/home/wherever is a good thing to have.

D: yeah. sync good.

2 thoughts on “Daniel and Tony chat about Newsgator

  1. andy

    Not related to feeds, but to connex speed: Work speed is variable. Last weekend they upgraded their connection speed to a 4Meg line; however you must bear in mind that there is anything up to 150 people using this. At home, BT have just upgraded my line to 2Meg, which is half the speed but the contention ratio (whilst I’m not sure the exact figure) will be nowhere near 150:1. Therefore, Web access at home has a better chance of being faster, except right now (just before 9am) when most people aren’t in the office.

  2. tony

    My line speed increase actually kicked in some time on Friday while I was at work. I gather Telstradon’t work on weekends so they do all their weekend switch flicking on Friday. As I’m on ADSL my 1500k, or as much of it as I can get, is all mine.

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