Using AppleTalk networks

Though I’ve been a Mac user for over ten years now, AppleTalk is one of those protocols that has remained a bit of dark mystery to me. It’s only recently that I’ve been networking computers together at all, and because I have a network comprising Mac and PCs—together with owning a router that wouldn’t know what to do with an AppleTalk event if it was wearing polka-dot pyjamas—I am strictly a TCP/IP man.

However, this article on AppleTalk and AppleTalk zones provides a useful introduction to setting up AppleTalk on a Mac server. As and when I invest in a Mac laptop, or maybe a Mac Mini, I’ll probably dip my toe in the water. Currently, every other bit of communicating hardware I own or manage would greet such Mac language with a stony silence, so for now I’ll stick to more universal languages.