Pi day

Pi dayUS-based mathmeticians celebrated Pi day on the 14th of March (in US-speak, 3/14). Note sure what those of us in the rest of the world should do… either accept the warped US standard for writing dates, or compromise on the accuracy and celebrate on 22nd of July instead.

3 thoughts on “Pi day

  1. Wilson

    Well, we could ignore delimiters and go for April 31st, 31/4.

    Hmm, on second thought… we better not. How about e day instead, on 27/8 ?

  2. pidye

    Though that’s a neat idea. The value of e is 2.718… as opposed to 2.78…, so perhaps e day should be on 27/1. Of course, then, you have the rounding problem, unless you celebrated at 8 o’clock, which, I suppose, would solve the problem.

    *Or*, you could do what we Americans do and celebrate *both* Pi Day, March 14th, and Pi Approximation Day, July 22nd. Leave it to us to try to get the day off of work an extra day out of the year. 🙂

    For those pi nerds out there, you can celebrate Pi Day, which ever day that would be, by visiting http://www.pidye.com where you can literally wear your pi devotion on your sleeve!

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