Samsung, Impress Me

This afternoon I had a minor disaster. One minute my 13 month old Samsung monitor was working, the next it was just a blob of green on the screen. I bundled it in to the car and took it down to the local PC shop where I purchased it, Standard Computers on Millers Rd (who are excellent in the prompt way they have a look and let you know what’s going on, all with no charge) and they assured me the LCD panel was fine, it was most likely the electronics and they are covered by a 3 year warranty.

Now, Samsung, you’ve started behind the pack ’cause your call centre closes at 5:00 PM, which is a ridiculously early time this day and age, and I wanted to call you at 5:15 so let’s see how you can win me back tomorrow morning. I’m not impressed my fairly recent monitor can just stop working, you’ve got a job ahead of you to make me buy Samsung again.



I’m impressed and probably a Samsung customer for life now.

They are giving me a brand new monitor. A better monitor than I bought 13 months ago, and within 48 business hours (although with a long weekend this makes it a bit longer, why didn’t it fritz two days ago!). The company dealing with it will come to my house, I hand over my old monitor, they give me a new one. No fuss, no being made to jump through hoops.

Well done Samsung, you’ve got a convert.

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