Westpac, Use Someone’s Brain.

The Westpac banking site is down at the moment, fair enough these things happen. But is there any reason I have to attempt a login before I’m redirected to a notice telling me that banking is not available?

Here’s a hint Westpac – don’t waste your customer’s time. If online banking isn’t working tell us where we try to login.

4 thoughts on “Westpac, Use Someone’s Brain.

  1. Andy Merrett

    c’mon that’d be too sensible – they’re banks. they’d probably charge every customer for the privilege of being told a service is unavailable if they could.

  2. Josh

    WTF? I just posted something and it was timestamped an hour earlier than when I posted it (ie, now). But not only that – it was timestamped before Phil’s contribution!

  3. Phil Bevan

    Tony, why don’t you bill them for wasted time. You could then say in your letter that had they informed you of the downtime before loggin in you wouldn’t be billing them for wasting your time.

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