F1 iTrip

Driving to work yesterday my iTrip suddenly stopped working. Where there should have been The Podcast Network‘s The Jazz Show was static, and screeching. When I paused the show there was a high pitched tone. It lasted all the way from half way up the bridge, down by Albert Park Lake to Malvern.

It wasn’t until I was driving home that the solution presented itself.

The Australian Grand Prix is on at Albert Park Lake and they have set up a temporary FM radio station for attendees.

So, if your iTrip is tuned to around the 91.5 mark and you are travelling through inner city Melbourne over the next few days you may wish to dig out the iTrip CD you never thought you’d use again and reconfigure your pod or you can download your iTrip software from the Griffin Technology site.

2 thoughts on “F1 iTrip

  1. Richard

    Or you can do as I do. Keep all your iTrip strations on your iPod and create a Smart Playlist that includes all Music except that which is by the artist known as “Griffen Technology”.

    Then you name the Smart Playlist “:My Music” or something. The “:” at the start forces it to the top of the playlist.

    This way if ever you are in a different area and need to adjust your iTrip station, you have your complete spectrum from which to choose.

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