Replacing the PSU

I need a new Power Supply Unit for my main PC. Why do so few people in this town seem to sell them? Or if they do, they’re not advertising effectively.

The local Dick Smith ran out yesterday (sometime between 4am when their web site stock level updates, and when I got there).

I had to hunt around, but seem to have found a retailer in the CBD that has a fair range (better than Dick Smith’s choice of one). Will have to go shopping at lunchtime.

8 thoughts on “Replacing the PSU

  1. Josh

    There’s a couple of good & cheap ‘puter bits places in the CBD. One of them’s on LaTrobe St. Up from Elizabeth. I think.

  2. Ren

    I’ve got the contacts of a couple of pretty good stores in Oakleigh, Werribee
    and Sunshone who do good prices if you feel like traveling around. We got a new one
    for when my machine blew up for $50.

  3. P

    Try Jaycar (A’Beckett St, behind Melb Central) or TECS (could
    be the one Josh was thinking about). Or the DSE at Bourke/Swanston.

    When I last visited TECS (2yrs ago) their plugs and sockets were so
    disorganised, prices were unmarked and they couldn’t be bothered
    looking it up so they let me have it for free 😉

  4. Daniel

    JayCar either don’t stock them, or their web site needs work.

    DSE Bourke/Swanston doesn’t stock them, or their web site needs work.

    Found Digiworld (LaTrobe St, opposite Melbourne Central) via a manufacturer’s retail outlet list. Went in, they had scads of different models at various prices. The sales dude sold me a reasonable-looking unit (with a misspelling on the box) for $79.

  5. Malcolm

    CPL down in Dudley St could sell you one for about $45. There is also a computer shop on the corner of Little Lonsdale and Russell St. I am not sure what their pricing is like but they would have to be cheaper than DSE.

    Given that the PSU is the most likely thing to break in a PC, I keep a couple of spares on hand, purchased from the swap meets at a cost of about $10 each. Give me a call next time.

  6. Stanley Bell

    Lately I’ve seen heaps of discarded computers on nature strips in the Carnegie area.
    Surely you could get the parts you need for nix.

  7. P

    Stanley, you took the letters out of my keyboard! I was almost going to make a similar post, but didn’t send it as stuff like that is almost never there when you need them (though there are exceptions, such as the stereo found without speakers, my crappy speakers blowing up and then the replacement speakers found, all within 3wks).

    I’ve found there are three most important things you need to know about clean-up days:

    1. Know the date (the council publishes this info)
    2. Flats (especially those with overseas students) are best
    3. If you walk you will find

    Because (a) Carnegie has a lot of 2 above and (b) has wide straight streets that you can
    look at heaps all the way down (if not blocked by a washing machine), it is a scavengers paradise.

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