iPod prices drop

Well the advance warnings the other day were a bit muddled up, but Apple has announced new iPod models and a price drop in the old ones. I don’t have one, but I’m certainly thinking about it… if you buy one in the next little while, make sure you don’t pay the old price!

To me the full-size iPod appeals because you can literally chuck all your music onto it, and the wide range of accessories available. But the iPod mini (especially the new bigger capacity ones) appeal for the smaller size and longer battery life. Maybe I’ll go shopping.

2 thoughts on “iPod prices drop

  1. Josh

    Cathy’s had a 256Mb flash unit for a while now, and it works just great. Why you’d ever want 60Gb of music is beyond me — too heavy. The flash unit weights less than it’s rechargable AAA battery – that you can jog with.

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