ASP.Net first impressions

I’m enjoying mucking about with Asp.Net. For someone who’s done a fair bit of “Classic” ASP like myself, it’s a great step forward.

But maybe I’m way off the mark here, how on earth could they implement something as useful as a DataGrid HyperLink column or a <asp:hyperlink> tag and not include an easy way of setting the title attribute in the link? Nor does the syntax checker seem to recognise the <span> tag. Did the W3C go and depreciate these while I wasn’t looking? Don’t believe so…

(The solution for the DataGrid is to use an <ItemTemplate> and code it yourself.

Ditto the Hyperlink tag. For the <span> tag, well, what care I if the syntax checker puts a squiggly line underneath it and it shouts a warning during compilation. Ah, seems to allow <span> and other such niceties, you have to tell it your targetting IE5 (or later), rather than IE3/NS3. Makes sense.)

5 thoughts on “ASP.Net first impressions

  1. Daniel

    I’m dabbling in PHP, certainly. But I’m using ASP for work because that’s what we use. And ASP.Net is several steps ahead of both ASP.Net and PHP, from what I’ve seen.

  2. Malcolm

    My pet peeve is people who answer a question about product x with “why don’t you use y instead”.

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