75 digits of pi

(Does this count as a podcast?)

When I was a junior geek of 14 or so, some friends and I spent some time filling dead time in a maths class by learning digits of pi. I got to 75. Twenty years later, it’s still hanging about in my brain, wasting valuable brain cells.

Thank goodness it’s knowledge that is useful, rather than some pointless weird-arse geek party trick.

Click here to listen to 75 digits of pi. (171Kb, MP3, 21 seconds)

14 thoughts on “75 digits of pi

  1. Lachlan Wetherall

    When I was in year 11 maths class, for the same reason, I memorised Pi to 25 decimal places (your 75 puts me to shame). After not thinking about it for 20 years, one day I remembered having memorised it and was able to recall it all correctly. Why is that, when nowadays I can’t even remember my best friends phone number??

  2. Jay Shanker

    Hey Dan,
    Thats amazing! 75 digits of Pi !!
    I mean, I can barely remember my DOB.

  3. Isabella

    Um, you actually recalled 76 digits, not 75. Most I’ve ever learned is 400. 🙂

  4. Sami

    I’m in the process of doing it during dull pure maths.. I’m up to 40, i think it is..

  5. Richard

    I memorized pi to 75 digits in math class. I’m 12 years old.
    One day I was so bored i found a cool thing about pi and prime numbers. Here it is:

    The 19th through 23rd digits of pi are as follows: 46264

    19 is a prime number.
    The next 5 prime numbers are 23, 29, 31, 37, and 41.
    Find the differences between each prime number:

    46264 (see 19th through 23rd digits of pi).

  6. Richard

    I also like trigonometry. It is fun.

    sine cosine tangent cotangent secant cosecant trigonemetric functions.

  7. veer

    Guess What?! I’m 10 and i know 75 digits of pi!!!!! This may be boring but here is 75 digits of pi!! 😀

  8. daniel Post author

    Hate to break it to you, but that’s only 69 digits. (Or 68 places). Still a good effort though!

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