Firefox, RSS & Newsgator

Seth Godin points out how Firefox makes it easy to work with RSS. An even better application of this idea is to combine it with the fantastic free online RSS feed tracker/news aggregator, Newsgator.

Newsgator manages your feeds online and offers a ‘Subscribe in NewsGator Online‘ bookmarklet so whenever you see the radar image on a page you want to track, click the bookmarklet and it’s automatically added to your Newsgator account. Now you don’t need to clutter up your bookmarks/favourites – just visit NewsGator to check all your feeds at once. Or you could set an ActiveWord to take you there.

What’s that? You don’t know what ActiveWords is? Stay tuned. Or better yet, download the 60 day free trial of ActiveWords (go for Active Words Plus to get the scripting engine) now. Tell Buzz that Tony Malloy sent you.

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  1. Buzz Bruggeman


    Did you hear that Cameron is headed over to meetup with us? If you think of it, sent the Richmond T-shirt via Cameron!

    Ran into a woman the other day who told me Richmond was her mother’s favorite! All Tigers all the way.


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