As everyone knows, the web is the best place for finding and viewing high quality pornography in the comfort of your own home. Or internet cafe.

Pornzilla is a collection of tools for surfing porn with Firefox. These bookmarklets and extensions make it easier to find and view porn, letting you spend more time looking at smut you like.

I love the tools including the one that allows you to “… find galleries similar to one you have open without using the keyboard”

They need funding:

“Since nobody has contributed to our testing budget, these tools have only been tested with free porn sites.”

Is it good that they’re being kept off the streets? Perhaps you’d like to give the authors jobs?

3 thoughts on “Pornzilla

  1. George

    Pornzilla is excellent! Many of the same features are in StreamBull at, too, + encryption for downlaoded material.

  2. hjuio

    We need to create a linux or windows live cd for surfing with pornzilla. Have all the firefox extensions installed and let users really use firefox to its fullests.

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