iPod Shuffle

Not the mini-mini-iPod, oh no. And not the iPod Lite. Or the Tiny iPod. No, it’s the iPod shuffle, a new model with just 512Mb (A$149) or 1Gb (A$229) of space.

Though I notice Apple’s AU web masters appear to have just copy/pasted from their US site… the Alt text for the advert proclaims “from $99” … anybody going to try and take them up on that?

4 thoughts on “iPod Shuffle

  1. Tony

    While I’m not sold on this as a music player it’s absolutely perfect for taking podcasts with you on the move.

  2. Josh

    $149 is a killer price for a half gig. I assume it’ll have the same limitation on music format. Shame.

  3. Daniel

    Their web site says “Store files along with your music”, which makes it a good price for a 512Mb USB drive (damn, and I just bought one). They’re not the first to produce such a device, but this is an *Apple*, dammit!

    For music I’m assuming it’d be MP3 only, no WMA and other proprietary formats.

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