Stupid KDE print dialog

The print dialog in KDE is tabbed, and one of the tabs allows you to pick via a radio button:
a) Print everything (default)
b) The following page range, from x to y.
The x and y boxes are enabled. Fiddle with them, drop your enormous graphics document to a single page, press ‘Print’.

And you’ll get the whole document. Because you didn’t pick (b), even though you clearly wanted it, what with changing the page range. And the developers haven’t either greyed out the x and y boxes in response to (b) not being picked, or made it so that changing x or y causes (b) to be selected.

Stupid Linux developers.

Subsequent investigations have discovered that it’s the print dialog from the Gnome PDF viewer. What’s that doing under KDE?
Gnome PDF viewer print dialog

1 thought on “Stupid KDE print dialog

  1. Daniel

    Where’s the screendump then?!

    You might note that in Windows’ comparable dialog (eg in Firefox or MS Office), if you type a page number into the relevant field(s), the correct radio button lights up.

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