Internet Saved The Radio Star

We have a nice television, people often comment on it when they come to our house. They say things like “oooh, you have a nice television” and we say things like “thank you, we like it too”.

But of late I’ve been wondering why we have our nice television.

We spend most of our evenings on the net. I choose to listen to 6 Music (otherwise known as BBC 6) in preference to watching television in the evening. We read blogs, email friends, surf, download podcasts,study and work. Is this the way of the future? Will the internet kill the video star or are we abnormal?

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Internet Saved The Radio Star

  1. Daniel

    I know my TV viewing dropped markedly when I got broadband. Once you’re hooked on all that net.activity, TV is out of the picture (so to speak) because you can’t do it while you’re surfing. Radio works okay, it just sits in the background.

    (Does this mean I can have your TV?)

  2. P

    Maybe that’s why there’s never been more (working) TVs chucked out in the street than right now!

    Daniel – I have a spare TV here if you want it.

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