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I don’t think I’ll be returning to Computers Now any time soon. It’s where I purchased my Ipod, the now wonderful machine I never want to live without (and please don’t tell me about ‘the battery problem’ – do the research first).

I wanted a couple of accessories – a skin and an Italk. I asked about the Italk when we first purchased the Ipod. “Oh no, you need this one.” said the sales guy, pointing to the Belkin version. Hmm, $10 more expensive. Yesterday I went to purchase a skin. “Oh no, you need this one.” said the sales guy pointing me to the $20 (or maybe it was $30) more expensive one.

Okay, I know they are sales people. They are there to get as much money from me as possible. I understand this. What they obviously don’t understand is that a knowledgeable consumer will not return if they know they are being taken for a ride. I had done my research. I knew the Belkin mic was omni-directional and totally unsuitable for what I wanted – but they didn’t even ask what I intended to use it for. The skin, too, was more suitable for me. I wanted to put it on and leave it on. I don’t care it’s a snug fit and the other is in a different colour – this was perfect for me.

Don’t assume you can sucker your customers. Give them service, give them what they want and need and they will come back. Look at them, and treat them, as a walking wallet and they will not return.

(And as for the sales guy at MegaMart who told me that the Ipod mini was the same as a 4G Ipod….the less said the better)

1 thought on “Sales People

  1. Andy Merrett

    Very sad when sales people aren’t even knowledgeable about a family of products as popular as the iPod.

    Not had any problems with battery life on mine – generally I am never going to use my iPod (or my PDA or digital camera for that matter) anywhere more than 24 hours from a power point.

    Skin for the iPod? Haven’t seen that. Interested in an audio recording option though. The diversifying iPods look quite interesting too – photo gallery et al – but my pda does that so I probably wouldn’t bother with it. Always happy to see more Apple inovation, though.

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