This Apple Ain’t Shiny

I’m converting my music collection to play on Itunes (go on, guess why). Currently they are in WMA and Itunes wants to convert them.

Fair enough. There’s 1570 odd files to convert so I set it running. It gags on one file about 100 in and rather than continue with the next file it stops stone cold. And there’s no resume option. And it doesn’t delete the WMA file once it’s converted so you double the size of your music library. 1570 files will take about 12 hours to convert but how confident can I be to let it run overnight? Knowing my luck it will choke again once song after I head off to bed and I’ll have to nurse it through tomorrow.

Not impressed with this supposed Apple brilliance.

5 thoughts on “This Apple Ain’t Shiny

  1. Daniel

    Call me a smartarse if you like, but shouldn’t it have been bleedingly obvious that an iPod wouldn’t read WMA?

  2. Tony

    Well, it read the first 99 okay. And since then another 1000 or so before finding another it didn’t like. I’m getting very very grumpy with Apple.

  3. Anonymous

    There is a setting to delete the old wma files. Also, I found that mine gagged on protected wma files, i excluded the from the inital conversion and then converted them to unprotected mp3’s with a 3rd party app.

  4. Phil

    It’s probably a deliberate (and highly optimistic) attempt to make PC owners think it’s their own fault for using a PC instead of a Mac!

  5. Andy Merrett

    At least it’s not as bad as Sony’s attempts at portable music and file conversion. I am a Mac user, but am not going to say anything (out loud at least) in response to Phil’s comment 🙂

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